Made in the UK by the leading table soccer Pioneer Stefan Corda, the Raptor G2 is now back in 9 great colours.

Its classic shape ,quality of manufacturing in ABS plastic and unbeatable value are some of the reasons of the long lasting popularity of the Raptor G2


Material: ABS plastic


Standard Washer 1.8g (total base weight 3.1g)

Lightweight Washer 1.4g (total base weight 2.7g)


Lightweight Washers

Slightly smaller than the standard washer, weights 1.4 g for overall base weight 2.7 g

Price: £0.60/set of 12



Standard 1.8g

Loctite Power Flex 1g minitube

Extra strong & flexible superglue in gel form, ideal for securing washers and figures on bases. Please note that this is a permanent adhesive.

1 tube is enough to fix washers on aprox. 36 bases

Price: £1.95

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01. Black

02. French blue

03. Light blue

04. Red

05. Dark Green

06. Orange

07. White

08. Yellow

09. Claret

Set of 12 bases

(with Standard weight)


Individual Base with Disk (with Standard weight)


Trade Deal

(with Standard weight)

up to 30% discount