Storage PRO

Aluminium finished cased with chromed bright work accents, locks and carry handle.

Plastazote ® foam insert, with precision cut slots.

The modular insert allows customisation according to your needs. Part of the interior can be easily removed to extend the free space and acommodate your accessories.

With complimentary Polishing Fine White Cloth

& FREE Personalisation (name and club logo. For additional/ full face graphics additional costs may incur)

Product Specification

48 slots for figures or balls, 2 goalkeepers and timer.

Width: 295mm/ Length: 225mm/ Depth =70mm /Weight 725 grams


Case: Multi composite aluminium, plastic and wood construction.

Foam insert. Plastazote® Closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam designed to maintain increased stiffness and high resistance to temperature, chemicals and UV. The inert qualities of Plastazote® have led to its widespread use in the transportation and storage of works of art.