Storage PRO (Size 4 and 2)

Aluminium finished cased with chromed bright work accents, locks and carry handle.

Plastazote ® foam insert, with precision cut slots.

& FREE Personalisation (name and club logo. For additional/ full face graphics additional costs may incur)

Product Specification

Size 4:

48 slots for figures or balls, 2 goalkeepers and timer.

External Width: 295mm/ Length: 225mm/ Depth =72mm /Weight 705 grams (packed, 1.1 kg)

Size 2:

30 slots for figures or balls, 1 goalkeeper slot

External Width: 204mm/ Length: 228mm/ Depth =72mm /Weight 543 grams (packed, 1kg)


Case: Multi composite aluminium, plastic and wood construction.

Foam insert. Plastazote® Closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam designed to maintain increased stiffness and high resistance to temperature, chemicals and UV. The inert qualities of Plastazote® have led to its widespread use in the transportation and storage of works of art.

Size 4

Price: £45

Size 2

Price: £38