MySubbuteo Timer

LCD mini count-down / count-up digital timer

Big screen to show the correct time in minutes and seconds

3 button includes START / STOP button, MIN button and SEC button

Magnetic, sticks on metal surfaces

Simple to operate

Max time 99 min 59 sec

Ideal for friendly or competition table soccer games


Colour: White (matt finish)

Size: 67 x 50 x 8 mm

Power: LR1130 Button Cell (Included)


Switch the ON and OFF on the back

Press SEC button to set the second

Press MIN button to set the minute

Press START / STOP button to start or stop the timer

If you would like to reset it, please kindly set it off and set it on again

The timer will ring when the count-down is finished

Price: £5.70

Replacement Battery

Alkaline Button Cell  battery

AG10 1.5V LR1130

Price £0.50