Microscale Micro Sol/Micro Set Decal Setting Solution Set MI-1/MI-2 Combo Pack


Micro Set (Blue): this solution is used to prepare the surface of the figure before the application of the decal. Micro Set prepares the surface and strengthen the decal adhesive. Micro Set also slightly softens the Decals so they can conform better on the figures. Bottle size 1 oz./28ml

Micro Sol (Red): this solution is ideal for irregular surfaces such as table soccer figures. It completely softens the Decal allowing it to drape down onto the surface of the figure conforming perfectly and without distortion. Bottle size 1 oz./28ml

Price: £13.98

Paint palette

Plastic, 10 well round

Price: £1.50

Loctite Power Flex 1g minitube

Extra strong & flexible superglue in gel form, ideal for securing washers and figures on bases. Please note that this is a permanent adhesive.

1 tube is enough to fix washers on aprox. 36 bases

Price: £1.95

Microscale Set and Sol 1 team Pack

Both decal liquids packed in 1ml vials

enough to apply decals on one team

Price: £2.50