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Storage Elite (Size 2)

Handcrafted wooden (Oak) case with brass accents and leather carry handle.

Plastazote ® foam insert, with CNC precision cut slots.

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Product Specification

30 slots for figures or balls, 1 goalkeeper slot

External Width: 216mm/ Length: 216mm/ Depth =77mm /Weight 1040 grams (packed, 1.4kg)


Exterior: Oak Wood construction.

Foam insert. Plastazote® Closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam designed to maintain increased stiffness and high resistance to temperature, chemicals and UV. The inert qualities of Plastazote® have led to its widespread use in the transportation and storage of works of art.

Price £55 NOW £40

Genuine Subbuteo Lightweight teams, in unused condition.

Some of the boxes have minor tears (see description below each image)

Acrylic Dome with Lid 31D x 44 H mm

suitable for one table soccer figure (not included)

price £0.80 each

Pin Badges

24mm Enamel Pin Badge.

Limited Colours available while stocks last.

Price £1.50

Tournament Balls Clearance

£6.00 each