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Order a New Team Design

A set of Mysubbuteo Decals contains 24 kits. 2 are for the goalkeepers and 22 for the outfield players.

The sleeves can be either short or long, your choice.

Although we can design almost everything, there are occasions that we are unable to take an order

for a kit due to workload or lack of available information necessary for its production.

We can add numbers and squad names according to your specification or the season.

We DO NOT print duplicate squads on a single set of decals. You can ask for 1-2 duplicate numbers for your spares but not two full squads of 12 duplicate numbers.

We will try to match the fonts for the numbers and names as best possible. Some teams have used proprietary fonts which means that an absolute match is impossible.

For teams before 1998 we use a generic set of boots in black.

For modern teams we use a variation of modern boots.

We will not add specific boots per player. We have a huge variety of Boots Decals that you can use to customise your team even more.

We can print your decals on clear or white decal.

We no longer offer a Pre-cut option

We can also design disk covers for your team. Normally, we do not add names or numbers on disks but this is negotiable.

To order you team, use the “add to cart” button below.

Do not forget to add the name and the season of your team!

You can add instructions in the paypal checkout.

Alternatively, you can just email us and provide the details you want. You can also send us pictures, logos etc.

Once you place your order, we will start the work as soon as possible.

Due to our always busy schedule, it may up to 8 days to complete it and send it to you.

You have the right to cancel your order for full refund if by the end of this period your decals have not shipped yet.

You will be able to see the progress of your design by checking the spreadsheet located at the bottom of this page.

New Team Decals Design Specification