embroidered iron-on patch

size 9x3cm

Price: £2.50


embroidered iron-on patch

size 9x 7.5cm


Flicking Figure

embroidered iron-on patch

size 6cm

Price: £2.00


1.Set a household iron to 175C/350F. TURN OFF STEAM

2.Place the embroidered patch in the desired position and

3.Use a pressing cloth (such as a pillowcase) over the top.

4.Press with the iron for 20 seconds.

5.Increase temperature to 190C/375 F.

6.Turn the garment inside out and press for 15 more seconds.

7.Allow the embroidered patch to cool down.


Do not apply iron on patches to waterproof rainwear, highly elasticized fabrics. Leather, rayon, nylon or similar fabrics. If unsure, test with an iron on a hidden seam or hem to see how much heat the fabric will accept without damage. Cotton and polyester fiber blends work best. As new fibers are constantly being developed, be sure to test!

REMEMBER, you can ALWAYS sew an iron-on patch!

Always turn the garment inside out during washing. This is especially important for hot fix iron-ons as washer and dryer walls, and agitators can damage them.

Never use Hot water or a Hot dryer or you risk loosening the patch or studs. You can TRY ironing them on again, but most likely if they begin to loosen, you will have to use a fabric glue to re-attach them.

Always try to glue onto one layer of fabric. If you have to iron through two pieces of fabric "stacked" (like on at-shirt or jean leg), put another piece of clean fabric between the two layers or use a Teflon sheet between them to ensure no glue passes through to the other side thus bonding the two fabrics! This is especially important with sheer or open-weave material.

If your fabric feels stiff, like it may have a lot of sizing, you should pre-wash it.

The goal is for the glue to melt into the fabric. Sizing is a stiffener, and can interfere with proper adhesion.

Leather & Vinyl:

Do not attempt to iron patches of any kind onto leather or vinyl. They are not designed to take the heat needed. Find an appropriate glue and fix the patch into place.

Over time, if a patch comes loose. You can reattach with hot melt gun applicator or with a few stitches.