Decaling Starter Set (Tournament Balls)

All the necessary tools to make your own decal balls.

Pack includes:

  1. 1.Painting Mount

  2. 2.Brush to position decals and softener application

  3. 3.Tweezers to handle and position decals

  4. 4.Tweezers to hold balls

  5. 5.Water tray to wet decals

  6. 6.Fine Embroidery scissors to separate decal parts

  7. 7.Cloth to absorb excess water from decals

  8. 8.Foam swab to absorb excess water and position decal

  9. 9.Water bottle with dropper screw cap

  10. 10. Microscale 1ml Softeners (Sol and Set)

Also Included:

3x White Blank Top Spin Balls

3x Decals of your choice

Price £29.00